Top 10 Unique alarm clocks guaranteed to wake you up!

May 24, 2008 – 3:36 am

alarmicon.jpgAlarm clocks are the nemesis to blissful sleep. Some people require more than what a normal alarm provides to yank them from dreamland.

Nobody likes to be awoken before the body wakes them up, so artificial mechanisms (a.k.a. Alarm Clocks) have been the method of torture to pull our tired bodies out of our warm blanket of unconsciousness.

Creative designs and gadgetry provide these following alarm clocks an advantage against your sleepiness and prevent them from getting blamed for your lateness.

Heres my top 10:

Shocking Alarm Clock: For the masochists out there, this clock will be the perfect method of waking you up. A seemingly normal clock, you turn the alarm off in the conventional way but with the added bonus of a hopefully harmless, shocking electric jolt. Yow.
WaterGun Alarm Clock: For the handy people who want to wake up in a splashy mess, this DIY video provides instructions on how you can rig your typical alarm clock to wake you with a squirt from an attached watergun. Wetness or deadly electric shock if not made properly ensues!
Bomb Alarm Clock: This Japanese product provides the excitement and stress of bomb diffusers every morning upon wake up. This alarm will sound a recorded voice 3 minutes before your wake time that the bomb will explode. You must diffuse the clock in the correct sequence. If you fail, a loud explosion will sound. Fun!
Clocky Alarm Clock: Clocky is the father of all alarmsthatgobeyondsound. Originally a research project at MIT by Gauri Nanda, clocky’s design consists of a furry clock with two wheels. This hardy alarm clock will thrust itself forward and back in a random sequence at your wake time and will hide itself in a new place in your room for you to find to deactivate.
Link Retail Version Here:
Update: Chrome Version!
Standup Wakeup Alarm Clock: This elegant design is a alarm clock embedded in a rug. To deactivate the alarm you must stand on the rug. This forces you to get up and off the bed to turn the alarm off. Unfortunately, this is only a proof of concept and not available as a product to purchase.
Laser Target Alarm Clock: A likely candidate for gamers, this alarm has a target which you must shoot with a laser gun. The aim and concentration requires you to fully wake up.
Kuku Alarm Clock: shaped roughly as a chicken, the alarm triggers the clock to ‘lay’ 5 tiny eggs into a basket. To stop the alarm you have to insert the eggs back into the clock one by one. (When you think about it, thats somewhat weird, to shove the eggs back into a chicken who just laid it)
Link Broken
Sfera Alarm Clock: This alarm clock hangs from your ceiling. When the alarm goes off, you reach up and touch the clock to set the snooze which then retracts the alarm clock closer to the ceiling. After a while, you’re going to have to get up to turn the alarm off.
Jigsaw Puzzle Alarm Clock: Like that childhood favorite Perfection, the alarm pops out 4 jigsaw pieces from the top and can only be stopped by finding the pieces that scattered around the clock and refit the puzzle. Similar to Puzzle
Blowfly Alarm Clock: This alarm has a helicopter like device that takes off from the base. Your job is to catch or find the flying rotors and place it back on the clock base to stop the alarm. If the excitement of the search doesn’t wake you, the cutting blades severing your fingers will.

Honorable Mentions: (a.k.a. all others that I find on the Interwebs)

  • Wake me Willy – No longer produced, a Rumpus Room stuffed doll alarm that vibrates and yells out to you to wake upwakenbacon
  • WakenBacon – 10 minutes before your wake time, two halogen lamps turn on and slow cook a frozen strip of bacon placed the night before. The sizzling and aroma of cooking pig wafts into your senses and wakes you up.
  • Sonic Boom Alarm– This alarm is called Sonic boom for a good reason, a 113db alarm sounds along with a vibrating pod you can place under your pillow to throw yourself awake or straight into a heart attack.
  • Light Sleeper– Lights integrated into your pillow and blanket grows brighter and brighter until you awake in the blinding light. Similar Product
  • SnuzNLuz – An integrated networked alarm clock that contributes to your least favorite charity for every minute that you oversleep. A concept clock by thinkgeek.
  • Drill Sargeant Clock – Nothing like getting yelled to awake by your favorite drill sargeant, real or imagined. (thanks Birdzilla)
  • Banclock – Similar to the SnuzNluz, this clock from Japan requires you to insert coins to stop the alarm. I’m sure the urge to bash the clock to the ground will override your desire to find coins first thing in the morning.
  • Animal Sound Clock – A cute collection of kiddie clocks that feature a face of an animal, which represents the sound of the alarm that will sound. Clever. (Thanks Birdzilla)
  • Progression Clock – Similar to the Light Sleeper, this is a clock that illuminates brighter and brighter then spews aromatherapy smells to stimulate your senses to wake you. If that doesnt wake you, it gives up and causes unspeakable jolting pain to your body (kidding).
  • Fire Alarm Clock – A fire alarm clock thats perfect for a home that may actually have an real fire alarm to confuse the sleeper on whether to save themselves or to snooze (thanks malum)
  • clock nobby

  • Screaming Meanie – Similar to the Sonic Boom, this ups the deafening decibel to 120db! You have to depress three buttons to turn the alarm off, so you wont get carried away with your snoozing.
  • Sleep Tracker – Pretty neat watch that detects your sleep cycle, and tries to find the most optimal time to wake you.
  • Nobby – An interactive clock that nags you to wake and only a good wringing it its neck will quiet it. Nothing like anger and fits of violence to start up your day.
  • Tyrant Clock:: A concept clock designed by alice-wang that randomly calls individuals in your cell phone contact list until you wake up. So, your guilt will be the determination of the success of your consciousness.
  • Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock: Instead of a helicopter launching, its a foam rocket that takes off for its alarm, which you need to find to turn the alarm off
  • Barbell Clock – This barbell shaped clock requires you to do 10 reps with the clock to disable the alarm. It would get your blood flowing, if the clock had sufficient weight and required enough reps.
  • Osim Nioi– Alarm clock that releases an aroma of freshly baked bread from a cartridge when its time to awake. Designed by Alfie Lake
  • Dick Vitale – A basketball fan’s dream, having Dick Vitale shout out one of his infamous announcer quips to wake you up
  • Silent Alarm Clock– Another concept clock designed by Johan Brengesjo. This silent alarm clock triggers a wireless ring to vibrate that you wear on your finger. Shaking your hand turns on the snooze. After each subsequent snooze, you have to shake harder. hmm.. finger…
  • Room Tech Beingz Alarm Clock– Another advancement in Alarm Clock evilness, these clocks can ‘communicate’ with others in the room and trigger a multihomed attack on your restful slumber
  • Dream BanClock – A method to force you to save money by requiring you to insert a coin to stop the alarm. Get rich slowly by waking up!
  • Telephone Alarm Clock – A clock alarm shaped like an old-fashioned phone, that will ‘ring’ you up and playback a wake up call like you receive at a hotel, until you realize youre at home, and you have to go to work.

With creative engineering, there are always solutions to any problem. Its man vs machine, I’m sure each of these devices could be conquered in the name of sleep, but at least provides challenges to our dreaded morning ritual, waking up.

Do you know of any others? What are your creative methods of waking up?

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  1. 16 Responses to “Top 10 Unique alarm clocks guaranteed to wake you up!”

  2. I’m surely avoiding those clever idea clocks especially the first and the second one. 🙂

    By P7 on May 24, 2008

  3. Number 11: the Alarm Clock Online:

    By Alarm Clock Online on May 24, 2008

  4. I’m fairly certain the rotors on the last one wouldn’t reach cutting force.

    By Jacob on May 26, 2008

  5. I Personally think numbers, 2, 5 and 6 are the best ones.

    By JAB_au on May 26, 2008

  6. I own the last one, and it’s LOUD. it would probably be enough to wake me up if i didn’t have to search through my room for the flying piece.
    and no, it can’t quite cut your fingers off, but it stings quite a bit at full force.

    By Random on May 26, 2008

  7. You forgot about the fire bell alarm clock, I’d rank that #1

    By malum on May 27, 2008

  8. I saw one that blew revelry and how about one that said GO GET UP SO FAST AND END UP GOING TO WORK FOR A TYRANICAL SWAGGERING BLABBERING NINCOMPOOP

    By Birdzilla on May 30, 2008

  9. Our local drug store has some alarm clocks they look like the normal alarm clocks but they show a ROOSTER,CAT,HORSE and PIG on the face and they make the sound of the animal

    By Birdzilla on Jun 1, 2008

  10. These are REALLY cute!

    By Susan Hilton - Texas Aggie Realtor in College Station Home Sales on Jun 2, 2008

  11. i like the 5th alarm clock. there’s something about a laser shooter that i just find very cool

    By sex datng on Sep 26, 2008

  12. the blowfly one is my personal favorite

    By divorce on Oct 7, 2008

  13. I would love to try clocky or the laser targeting one. I have a feeling that those would get me up.

    By Pregnancy on Oct 8, 2008

  14. Check out the Internet’s first smart alarm clock

    http://Sleep.FM – wake up to your local weather

    By joseph on Nov 20, 2008

  15. very nice

    By Art-Studio MJ on Mar 7, 2009

  16. Laser Target Alarm Clock – COOL !!!

    By Art-Studio MJ on Mar 7, 2009

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